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The Virtual Experience tool for creating and hosting events
that are as meaningful online as they are live

EventHive VX is a seamless hybrid digital platform that is considered,
intuitive and effective. Fully customisable and interactive; VX is the sustainable
way brands build emotional connections with their customers.

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Use VX’s scheduling tools to build lasting
emotional connections with your consumers

Meetings And Chat

Connect with people in private or group video calls. Share content, collaborate and communicate with high quality chat and video tools.

Scheduling And Notifications

Always know what’s happening via the VX timeline. Any content, meetingor livestream can be scheduled and notified here.


Host your presenters and content simply and reliably. Create an ecosystem that allows viewers to connect, engage and get inspired.

Mobile Ready

Be nimble and engage with an audience on-the-go with VX’s mobile and tablet ready formats.

Mobile Ready


Curate a truly immersive event with VX’s
engagement tools and integrations

Visual Networking

Create a thriving online community that facilitates meaningful conversations in a freeform, organic way that mimics a physical event.

Live Hosts

Manage your event with precision, greet guests with warmth. Incorporate live hosts to ensure your guests are guided by your sales team to the right conversations.


Understand a granular view of user behaviour and how content is being digested. Spot high and low points in a livestream. Learn and build better events with data.

EventHive™ Sync

Integrated with EventHive™ Sync. All scheduling, calendar and bookings are shared here. Simplify meeting management.

EventHive™ Sync


Design and deliver immersive virtual & hybrid experiences
that allow content and story-telling to take centre stage

Branded Space

Use our CMS to customise branding and content throughout the platform. Curate an experience with your own unique focus.

Realtime 3D Content

Create unforgettable moments by integrating game engine experiences and environments to deliver product demos or immersive online experiences.


Content scheduling, VIP tailored events, online entertainment and social interaction create an experience passport that generates the engagement of a physical event.

Content Library

Share videos, images, data sheets and product or service information in a streamlined, security focused and full-featured media library.

Content Library

Packed with features

This platform brings all your virtual event functionality into one place, tied into a clean, minimialist and flexible design.
We wanted to create a tool that just 'works' so that content and storytelling can take center stage.

Trusted by leading brands

EventHive has been operating for almost a decade in the events and experiences industry.
We understand the needs of small and large teams alike, no matter the event or brand.

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